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Kristi Love

Kristi Love, The Female Voice on Atlanta

Kristi Love is the newest female voice of Atlanta starring on Kristi Love and The Early Morning Crew. Love landed in Atlanta from LaGrange, Ga and is an Alumni of Clark Atlanta University. Despite the crowded Atlanta market, she decided radio was her calling and pursued a Graduate degree in Mass Communications. After graduating, Kristi found herself working in the music industry as the Executive Assistant of Streetwize Recordz managing and developing independent artists. She got her start in the broadcast world after accepting a position as the Office Manager for Frequency 360, a local internet radio station. The position led her to noticed noticed and created the opportunity for her into airing her first live show, “The Love Zone.” Her humbleness and hard work stem from her passion for community and family. She’s using her voice to connect the people of Atlanta by providing them with an outlet rooted in diverse expression. Love’s foundation lies at home two sons Eddie, 11 and Michai, 9. Her t-shirt line “My Time Is Now,” is Love’s latest project which is her upcoming Tshirt line which is due to release Winter 2018. Love believes in the “Law of Attraction” and lives by the motto
“Excuses are tools of incompetence that builds monuments of nothingness those who use them seldom amount to anything.”

Listen to Kristi Love live with “The Early Morning Crew“
6AM-10AM Monday-Friday on Power 92.3 Jamz FM Radio.

On-Air Schedule
Sunday 10:00pm - 05:00am The Love Zone
Monday 10:00pm - 05:00am The Love Zone
Tuesday 10:00pm - 05:00am The Love Zone
Wednesday 10:00pm - 05:00am The Love Zone
Thursday 10:00pm - 05:00am The Love Zone
Friday 10:00pm - 05:00am The Love Zone
Saturday 10:00pm - 05:00am The Love Zone

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