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COBB COUNTY, Ga. - What started as a fun night out at The Battery turned into a major shift at the Sandy Springs Police Department. Channel 2's Mark Winne has learned through sources that an altercation involving a SWAT team commander led to two resignations. Now, several officers are under investigation.

"The message here is: We take your conduct as a direct reflection of us. Whether it's on duty or off-duty, your conduct can have an impact on your career here at the Sandy Springs Police Department," said Deputy Chief Keith Zgonc. Zgonc said Cobb police brought misdemeanor domestic violence charges against then-Sandy Springs officer Anthony Sandoval as a result of an incident that took place out of sight from the others. Sandy Springs police Capt. Dave Huffschmidt, until this episode was the

commander of the multi-agency North Metro SWAT Team, has resigned. A Cobb police report suggests the alleged victim, who had blood on her lip, said she'd been hit and also at some point said nothing had happened, that she tripped and fell but the report later said she told an officer she had been hit by Sandoval.

It indicates a security officer said he was getting on a bus and saw a tall white male in a gray hoodie pick up the female and slam her into the sidewalk, and while the male was on a top of her, he punched her in the face with a closed fist and then another man ran over and pulled the assailant off her. It said she told the security officer the male who hit her was a police officer and then he called 911.