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Recently we reported that Tyrese and his ex-wife Norma Gibson were in a custody battle, as the singer grew upset with the amount of money Norma was spending on childcare costs. When asked what she was doing for 7 hours to rack up a pretty hefty childcare bill, she reportedly responded, “living life.”

Now it looks like a judge has sided with Tyrese when it comes to this matter. According to documents obtained by POWER 92.3 ATLANTA, the judge ruled that Norma can’t expect Tyrese to reimburse her for childcare costs, if she is out running “non—work errands,” or running her household. As we previously reported,

Tyrese said he has no issue with paying child support, but he would like his ex to put effort into getting a job. In the documents, the judge reportedly lists what qualifies as work for Norma. This list includes, “developing her life coaching biz, working on her book or pursuing her art.” If she’s doing any of those

things and it requires childcare than she can look to Tyrese to take care of the bill. The singer has reportedly also demanded a detailed list on how Norma spends her time. According to the site, the judge thought that was not a bad idea, but did not order Norma to do so. Tyrese and Norma share an 11-year-old daughter.