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POWER 92.3 ATLANTA News, Maira Coronel had just finished trick-or-treating with her twin sister and young nieces Wednesday near Hanson Park on the Northwest Side when a gunman dressed in black jumped into the back seat with the children. He told Coronel's sister to drive as he demanded their money. They handed over $40, according to police and relatives. He demanded their cellphones, too,

but Coronel said no. The robber shot her twice in the head and ran from the car a few blocks away on Belden Avenue just south of Blackhawk Park, police said. Coronel, 21, died on the scene. “She was a kind person. She would never do anything to anybody," her sister Leticia Coronel told reporters from the family's home in the 4900 block of West North Avenue in North Austin.

“We just want to know if somebody sees something, to let us know, and the police.” Police reported no arrests Thursday morning. The Coronel family said the sisters were parked in a car near the 2200 block of North Long Avenue with Maira Coronel's nieces, 1 and 2, when the gunman got in shortly after 9:20 p.m. and told them to pull away. The car made it only a few blocks before the shots were fired,

just a mile from where Coronel lived. The crime scene extended west from Lavergne Avenue and north into Blackhawk Park, where yellow tape was tied to blue and green trash and recycling bins. Community activist Andrew Holmes joined the family at the news conference. "To the perpetrator, you need to turn yourself in," he said. "I can guarantee you, if your fingerprints are all over that car, save your mother and your father the headache and turn yourself in, because it will be a matter of time."