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For our Texas Power 92.3 ATLANTA  sources tell us, it seems like there’s a new #SamsClub coming your way that will reportedly have no cashiers! According to @Verge, this experimental store has been confirmed by Sam’s Club CEO #JamieLannone, the store is being described as the “epicenter of innovation for Sam’s Club.” So, this is how it’s going to work, Sam’s Club members will have to download an app so

they can scan their items as they walk through the store. A staff member will give you a “final scan” at the exit of the store to complete your purchase. The idea stems from basically turning the entire store into a self-checkout. Along with the experimental design, Sam’s Club will also be reportedly expanding with plans for smart shopping lists and automatically update as you scan. Sam’s Club has also 700 cameras

in the experimental store to “better manage inventory,” but if you ask me #Roommates, sounds like Sam’s Club’s just making sure no one helps themselves to that FIVE FINGER DISCOUNT. Sam’s Club commits to their continuing efforts to stay ahead of the curve. As well as become a competitor with Amazon and Walmart’s retail supremacy war.