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Power 92.3 Jamz Snapshot

Call letters:        W22AF

Watts:               50,000

On The Dial:      92.3 FM

On HD:             HD 97.1 FM

Watts:               100,000


Format:             Adult Contemporary

Target Demo:    Adults 25-54

Music format:    Urban and R&B



Unique listeners on streaming

listeners in an Emailable Opt-In Database 

How much does a commercial cost? It’s all based on how many people are listening at any one time. We combine a series of commercials into a campaign based on your business needs and your budget.


What if I don’t have a big budget? We can work with budgets of all sizes. When you think of radio, you think of the listeners that come to us to listen to our music, play our contests and listen to our on-air talent. Power 923 Jamz have an estimated 200,000 + listeners. Our demographic is 25 – 54 years old.


There are many other ways our listeners interact with us, and we could tie your marketing into one or more of those. They include our events, our website, our social media, our E-club, our email club, our charitable tie-ins, contests, and others.

Depending on your budget and your goals, we can connect you with the Game audience in many different ways.

How do I know how much to invest? We work with you up front to determine what kind of business increase you are looking for and work backward from there. Then we’ll measure the effectiveness at different points during the campaign, and we can adjust on the fly so that you never invest more than what you’ll get in return.



Want to advertise with us?

To contact our Sales Department regarding advertising on Power 923, please contact Maggy Martinez at (770) 496-0092 or


To contact our Programming Department regarding music, content, and shows on POWER 923, call (770) 496-0092 or email


To contact our Sales Department regarding advertising on Power 923, please contact Maggy Martinez at (770) 496-0092 


Digital Sales Department regarding advertising on our website or our social platforms, please contact Mrs. Delisa at (770) 496-0092 or email


To contact our Digital Department regarding the website, social media platforms or mobile apps, HD Banners please contact dowd@


Public Relations request an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) about our Station’s Morning Crew Talent contact


Political Candidates call Political Strategist  Mrs. Stacey (770) 934-0092


For General questions, please contact:


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 Digital Sales Manager:  Mrs. Stacey




Contest Winners:
Our business office is open for prize pickup weekdays from 9:30 am until 3:30 pm. To ensure that it will be available, please wait at least 24 hours after winning to claim your prize. If the prize is for an event within the 24-hour time frame, your prize is immediately available. All prizes must be claimed within 30 days with the exception of event tickets. If your tickets are not ready to pick up at the time of winning, you will be contacted by phone when they are ready. Event tickets may be claimed at our business office up until the date of the event.


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Phone (770) 496-0092


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Phone (770) 934-0092


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